About AST

Active Surface Technology supply and support Atmospheric Plasma Treatment systems from the very innovative AcXys Technologies, as well as Vetaphone Corona Treatment systems from the company that actually invented Corona Treatment! Trusted by many of the big names, AST also has a reputation for looking after smaller manufacturers with the same level of care and attention to detail.

The support takes a variety of forms, from anĀ in depth understanding of our customers and potential customers processes, through to quite complex engineering of custom built systems and applications, many of which have been absolute firsts in their particular industries.

AST provide Corona and Plasma Treatment systems for every application and production situation, from the treatment of intricate 3 dimensional or pocketed components or small areas of them, through to full width of films or sheets 10 metres plus wide.

Product to treatment speed and system power are obviously adjustable, the relationship between the two is usually but not always linear. However, there are also a number of other elements and aspects that can be adjusted that will often significantly alter the treatment and surface condition post treatment.