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AcXys Technologies Plasma

AcXys Technologies provide efficient, clean, powerful yet cost effective plasma solutions for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. Their directors, engineers and partners are leading experts in plasma processing and surface improvement. As surface chemistry specialists, AcXys Technologies are continuously developing exciting new Atmospheric Plasma Technology applications for industrial and laboratory use.

Polymer surfaces have limited or no affinity with glues or inks. Poor adhesion means poor quality. Adhesion integrity is a key factor in modern manufacturing. AcXys Technologies Atmospheric Pressure Plasma enables the use of otherwise unusable polymers and materials. Their process significantly enhances adhesion strength. They remove organic contamination from the surface and give excellent chemical preparation. Treatment with AcXys Plasma can provide the strongest bond for industry requirements. Plasma treatment can increase tensile strength up to 10-fold and more.

An optimized AcXys Technologies Plasma Treatment changes the nature of the adhesion joint (bond) from adhesive to cohesive.

Natural surfaces are always contaminated by organic layers or native oxides. This is often a consequence of storage or an effect of previous processing steps. These contaminants need to be removed for functionality reasons and to optimise surface preparation before printing or gluing.

Thin oil films are easily removed in a few seconds with an oxidizing plasma. AcXys Technologies Plasma is a clean and efficient voltage free alternative to mechanical and liquid cleaning processes.

CVD coatings (Chemical Vapor Deposition) are performed with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma. Vapours of a suitable metal organic precursor are injected into the plasma. Uniform and homogeneous thin films can even be deposited on polymers.

Film deposition is a recent and ongoing development topic. AcXys Technologies and AST are continuously establishing applications using this technology. Coatings give advanced functionalities to materials and are easily customised to individual specifications. For example, a glass film can add anti-abrasion property to a plastic part, or can add anti-attrition property to metals or a new optical functionality to glass.

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