Supply Partners

Our Supply Partners:  AcXys Technologies and Vetaphone

We’ve been working closely with Acxys Technologies and Vetaphone for many years, supplying their equipment around the UK and Ireland to customers from different industry sectors with lots of different requirements.  The technologies offered by both Companies complement one another well, which is what sets Active Surface Technology apart from the other Surface Treatment suppliers in the UK – we have the breadth of product to be able to offer our Customers the right solution to achieve their outcome precisely – not just something that “will do”.

Production process demands are constantly changing and evolving; we are always happy to speak with other Surface Treatment providers whose methods might add value and differentiation to our product portfolio.

AcXys Technologies – Plasma

AcXys Technologies pride themselves in fully developing their own Plasma technologies, including the integrated output electronics embedded in generators, thus releasing extremely efficient plasma sources.  These Plasma technologies are fast processing and can easily pair with industrial applications dedicated to multiple materials.

The backstory for AcXys Technologies is one of an innovative company full of energy, created from a think-outside-the-box idea to deploy plasma technology at an industrial level.  The pioneering spirit of an industry specialist in R&D led to the birth of AcXys Technologies at the brink of the 2000’s. The company settled down in Grenoble, the cradle of ground breaking technologies and innovation.

Supported by a patented technology, the company rapidly bloomed and developed a range of industrial solutions dedicated to atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment. In its early days, AcXys Technologies was adopted by industry leaders and research majors in many countries.  2016 marked a milestone AcXys moved to new, expanded premises, doubling its surface and manufacturing capacity, hence improving its productivity to face increasing customers’ requests.

AcXys specialize in atmospheric plasma surface treatment and support every step of your projects, ranging from design to on-site service.  R&D is part of AcXys Technologies’ DNA. In their permanent quest for innovation, they devote a significant part of their budget and workforce in R&D. They strongly believe that efficient R&D is cross-sectoral – therefore innovation is project-driven at AcXys Technologies – involving staff at every level of the company, from Boardroom to shop floor.

Vetaphone – Corona and Plasma

Vetaphone is renowned as an innovative supplier of Corona and Plasma surface treatment technology to the printing, converting and extrusion industries.They were the Inventors of the Corona treatment process back in the 1950’s and since then, they have been supplying the world with the highest quality and most innovative Corona treaters available.

Vetaphone’s Corona treaters are designed for high performance, high speeds, long life, dependable production and ease of use for the operators.  The continuity within the company has led to many innovations that have set the market standards of today. Their 66 years of continuous experience means they can provide a solution for virtually every requirement.

Vetaphone introduced Plasma treatment in 2010 and have continued to develop the technology and their version, branded as ‘iPlasma®’ is the most eco-friendly process available on the market, offering low running costs and reduced energy consumption.  Generally seen as a ‘softer’ process than Corona, iPlasma treatment offers different functionality and a new range of surface abilities. This is because the lower heat level has less impact on the surface, and the controlled environment allows the surface tension to be tuned to meet specific requirements. As a result, iPlasma is often seen as a combination of Corona and liquid primer but is in fact far more sophisticated and flexible in its capability.

In 95% of cases, Corona treatment of a substrate is still the perfect way to improve surface adhesion and deliver a first-class product. By modifying the surface energy of a non-absorbent material, like film or foil, Corona treatment will allow inks, lacquers and laminate film to adhere correctly and uniformly, and produce a quality result.

However in the remaining 5% of cases, Corona treatment will not work because of the complexity of the chemical make-up of the substrate. And in these situations, Plasma treatment is needed to allow a secure bond. The simple difference is that where the Corona process is carried out in ambient air, Plasma treatment requires a controlled environment and the use of a dopant gas. For more information, please speak with us on +44 (0)1844 355221 or email