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Active Surface Technology UK Limited is a leading technology company specializing in specifying, supplying, servicing and supporting state-of-the-art atmospheric and vacuum plasma, corona surface treatment, web cleaning and rotor spray coating systems.

Our team of world class experts are passionate, or even geeky, about surface treatment! We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our customers’ surfaces. We pride ourselves on our equipment’s reliability and some of our installations are still supported by us 30 years after commissioning!  Our new equipment is very much world leading, combining consistently accurate treatment in ever improving packages.

Headed up by Managing Director Bradley Bowey, Active Surface Technology have 40 years' hands-on engineering & consulting experience within the surface treatment industry. The service and support we provide takes a variety of forms, from a close and in-depth understanding of our customers and their processes, through to quite complex design and engineering of custom-built systems and applications – many of which we are proud to say have been absolute firsts in their particular industries.

OUR Focus


Our goal is to help you maximise the possibilities for your manufacturing processes.

Whether your industry sector is life sciences, automotive, packaging, marine, aerospace, printing or other manufacturing, or your key process is extrusion, laminating, printing, 3D printing, 3D moulding, electronics assembly, surface dosing or something entirely different, we understand the types of challenges you face.

We’re always really excited to speak with you about your ideas for breaking fresh ground with new innovations. Our focus is working with you to come up with the best solutions to optimise your outcomes; we achieve this with a consultative, problem solving approach from the inception of your project, through testing & sampling, delivery, training & set up and the very best lifetime support.