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What is Plasma Surface Treatment?

The “Plasma” used in Plasma surface treatment (also known as Atmospheric Plasma surface treatment) is actually the activated gas from around an electrical arc which is created inside the equipment.

Plasma Nozzles

The activated gas is pushed out of the equipment’s nozzle and it’s the gas – in a highly activated state – which disturbs the surface of the material and removes small debris, detritus, waxes and oils etc from the material manufacturing process. This leaves the material super clean and in an ideal condition to absorb ink, adhesive and other bondings.  You can find more information on the use of Plasma surface treatment across various industries such as Life Sciences, Printing & Packaging, Marine, Aerospace and Automotive on our Applications page.

AcXys Technologies - Our Plasma Surface Treatment Manufacturing Partner

AcXys Technologies pride themselves in fully developing their own Plasma technologies, including the integrated output electronics embedded in generators, thus releasing extremely efficient plasma sources.  These Plasma technologies are fast processing and can easily pair with industrial applications dedicated to multiple materials.

The backstory for AcXys Technologies is one of an innovative company full of energy, created from a think-outside-the-box idea to deploy plasma technology at an industrial level.  The pioneering spirit of an industry specialist in R&D led to the birth of AcXys Technologies at the brink of the 2000’s. The company settled down in Grenoble, the cradle of ground breaking technologies and innovation.

Supported by a patented technology, the company rapidly bloomed and developed a range of industrial solutions dedicated to atmospheric pressure plasma for surface treatment. In its early days, AcXys Technologies was adopted by industry leaders and research majors in many countries.  2016 marked a milestone AcXys moved to new, expanded premises, doubling its surface and manufacturing capacity, hence improving its productivity to face increasing customers’ requests.

AcXys specialize in atmospheric plasma surface treatment and support every step of your projects, ranging from design to on-site service.  R&D is part of AcXys Technologies’ DNA. In their permanent quest for innovation, they devote a significant part of their budget and workforce in R&D. They strongly believe that efficient R&D is cross-sectoral – therefore innovation is project-driven at AcXys Technologies – involving staff at every level of the company, from boardroom to shop floor.

For more information, please speak with us on +44 (0)1844 355221 or email