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What is Web Cleaning?

Various forms of dust, dirt and product debris can settle on material surfaces during production processes.  In industrial environments, these types of contaminants can have a significant impact on product quality, process efficiency and even the health of operators.  There is a solution!

Web cleaning is a process that ensures cleaner, safer, faster and more reliable production, through implementing dust eliminating systems.  Your production efficiency and volume will increase, quality will improve, the environment will benefit and your maintenance intervals and costs will decrease – and you won’t lose any production speed! 

KELVA - Our Web Cleaning Supply Partners

We are UK partners for Kelva in Sweden.  Kelva invented industrial web cleaning and they are proud of over 7,000 installations worldwide to date.  With experience in industrial dust removal in reel-to-reel and sheet-fed processes, their specific systems for corrugated board, tissue, non-wove, film, glass, glass fiber, printing and other finishing assures you of the best web cleaning solution for your application!  They develop profitable and customizable web cleaning and dust removing systems for any material and dust load and all equipment can be easily integrated or retro-fitted.

For more information, please speak with us on +44 (0)1844 355221 or email