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What is Corona Discharge Treatment?

Corona surface treatment (also known as Corona discharge treatment)  is the technology of passing high voltage electricity/current onto or through the surface of a material to alter the surface structure, making it more receptive to inks and adhesives, etc. 

In very simple terms; with Corona surface treatment, the electrical discharge onto the surface of the material delivers a thermal shock to the surface as well as the electrical charge causing a releasing of particles (something like the opposite of static electricity attracting things).  By modifying the surface energy of a non-absorbent material – like film or foil – Corona treatment will allow inks, lacquers and laminate film to adhere correctly and uniformly, providing a good quality finish.

You can find more information on the use of Corona discharge treatment across various industries such as Life Sciences, Printing & Packaging, Marine, Aerospace and Automotive on our Applications page.

AFS & SOFTAL - Our Corona Discharge & Plasma Surface Treatment Supply Partners

AFS GmbH , with headquarters in Horgau, Germany, is a world leading manufacturer of Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment systems, supplying both to OEMs and end users in the fields of extrusion, printing, lamination and coating.  Founded in 1985, AFS have been producing the most modern and reliable Corona Treatment Systems for over 30 years, with the goal of providing their customers with the best possible protection of their investment. AFS build reliable machines for trouble free, round-the-clock operation, backed up by worldwide service. AFS systems are built to run, with a particular focus on smooth and continuous operation.

AFS early warning systems and simple operating concepts mean that machine downtime is eliminated as far as possible. Their designs have a number of unique to AFS features which are well thought out and benefit optimum production, time saving and long term reliability above and beyond the usual standards.

AFS do not use plastics in key areas of the electrode station – they particularly don’t use plastic insulators.  Their standard is ceramic insulators which don’t degrade and have a much better lifetime.  Their designs have a reputation for excellent services access and being extremely robust.    This includes their ceramic electrodes.

SOFTAL Corona & Plasma GmbH, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany,  was founded in 1959 during the early days of Corona technology. The company became early pioneers and took an active part in the development of Corona treatment. The SOFTAL promise “Adhesion Guaranteed” has held consistently within the market and clearly defines the goal of their work – to ensure specified adhesion requirements are met via the design of a Corona system which is custom made based on budget, process and materials for each specific application.

The multi-faceted portfolio of products produced by SOFTAL is possible due to the modular design of treatment systems, allowing customer specific changes and rapid development of new systems and processes.  Factors such as easy maintenance and service, low operating costs, long life and the optimum in operator safety ensure maximum user-friendliness and uptime.  

Having known of their equipment and high standards since their earliest days, we are understandably very pleased to be the sole UK Distribution partners for both AFS and SOFTAL.

For more information, please speak with us on +44 (0)1844 355221 or email