What is Corona Discharge Treatment?

Corona surface treatment (also known as Corona discharge treatment)  is the technology of passing high voltage electricity/current onto or through the surface of a material to alter the surface structure, making it more receptive to inks and adhesives, etc.  Corona surface treatment has been around since 1950 and pre-dates Plasma treatment by 45 years.


With Corona surface treatment, the electrical discharge hitting the surface of the material delivers a thermal shock to the surface (it’s very hot!) as well as the electrical charge causing a releasing of particles (something like the opposite of static electricity attracting things).  By modifying the surface energy of a non-absorbent material, like film or foil, Corona treatment will allow inks, lacquers and laminate film to adhere correctly and uniformly, and produce a quality result.

You can find more information on the use of Corona discharge treatment across various industries such as Life Sciences, Printing & Packaging, Marine, Aerospace and Automotive on our Applications page.

Vetaphone - Our Corona Discharge & Plasma Surface Treatment Manufacturing Partner

Vetaphone is renowned as an innovative supplier of Corona and Plasma surface treatment technology to the printing, converting and extrusion industries.They were the Inventors of the Corona treatment process back in the 1950’s and since then, they have been supplying the world with the highest quality and most innovative Corona treaters available.  Vetaphone have produced a great video introducing their company and processes – take a look here and get a good feel for the people and business in less than two minutes!

Vetaphone’s Corona treaters are designed for high performance, high speeds, long life, dependable production and ease of use for the operators. The continuity within the company has led to many innovations that have set the market standards of today. Their 66 years of continuous experience means they can provide a solution for virtually every requirement.

Vetaphone introduced Plasma treatment in 2010 and have continued to develop the technology and their version, branded as ‘iPlasma®’ is the most eco-friendly process available on the market, offering low running costs and reduced energy consumption. Generally seen as a ‘softer’ process than Corona, iPlasma treatment offers different functionality and a new range of surface abilities. This is because the lower heat level has less impact on the surface, and the controlled environment allows the surface tension to be tuned to meet specific requirements. As a result, iPlasma is often seen as a combination of Corona and liquid primer but is in fact far more sophisticated and flexible in its capability.

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