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Our Corona Discharge & Plasma Surface Treatment Services

Active Surface Technology UK is pleased to be able to offer a great deal of industry expertise; we understand the technology and the processes and we know the pitfalls and nuances of the majority of Manufacturers’ equipment.  We can help you at each and every stage of your project. 

Active Service Technology Services

A Little More About Us

Active Surface Technology is headed up by Managing Director Bradley Bowey.  Bradley’s background spans many years, having started out as a qualified Electrical/Electronics Engineer, followed by over 15 years independently problem solving directly with end users of surface treatment processes and equipment prior to setting up his own UK business.  Bradley has worked and gained familiarity with virtually every brand of surface treater manufactured globally.  His extensive knowledge and hands on experience of the industry, materials, products manufactured, electro-chemical quirks and by-products of processes have resulted in his well earned industry reputation as a credible and knowledgeable professional with a flair for creative and innovative solution seeking.

We can offer you an array of services:


Sometimes you’ll find you need a little more in-depth advice, help or assistance from someone who’s an expert in their field. Every business has its own individual set of KPIs, business goals and needs and so you might require: 

  • an independent review of your current surface treatment processes for a variety of reasons
  • to improve productivity by raising the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall production process;
  • to reduce overall costs for the entire process through balancing cost, quality and delivery
  • reduce waste and optimise operational set-up 
  • develop a best practice to be cascaded throughout your production process.  
  • help with some trouble shooting if you have a problem with your current surface treatment process that may involve detecting and identifying steps from the prior or following manufacturing processes which need addressing
  • assistance to write a specification for equipment for a brand new project or initiative.  We are naturally guarded about calling ourselves “inventors”, however we’re proud to say that we’ve been totally responsible for a significant number of industry “first”


We specialise in the supply and support of Surface Treatment systems – Corona discharge systems, Plasma treatment systems and Rotor Spray technology.  We are sole UK Distribution partners for AFS, Softal, AcXys Technologies and Consultex Systems.  We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements before we provide you with our recommendations in terms of the solution best suited to your application.  Whether you wish to treat intricate 3D or pocketed components or small areas of them, or you need to treat films and webs from narrow label industry widths to 10 metres plus wide, we can supply Corona and Plasma Treatment systems for every application and production situation.


Getting the right solution is incredibly important, and sometimes that’s all you’ll need us for. However, in many cases, it’s just the beginning of the journey – and our knowledge and expertise means that we can accompany you and offer as much hand holding as you need to ensure that the surface treatment element of your manufacturing or production process is always optimised. Whether that’s help with set up and installation, operator training, solution finding or regular service and maintenance – we’re here for you.


Even if you didn’t purchase your equipment from us, we can still help with the servicing of your existing surface treatment equipment.  We have over 35 years’ hands on experience working with Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment equipment, from manufacturers including AcXys, Vetaphone, Ahlbrandt, AFS, Enercon, Tantec, Ferrarini & Benelli, Mero, Pillar, Sherman and Softal.  So if you already own surface treatment equipment and need help with its service and support from a reliable and knowledgeable UK company, then we can help you.

Whatever requirements you have around surface treatment, we’re always happy to see how we can help so please give us a call on +44 1844 355221 or pop an email to